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PVC Column Wrap Kits

Our PVC Column wrap kits will add the prefect amount of architectural detail to any home. . They can also be used for commercial applications as well. We can make flat panel, Tapered, recessed panel, raised panel and recessed panel with applied moldings. Our Builder Series pvc columns are made using 1/2″ thick pvc and our Architect Series are made using 3/4″ pvc. Our PVC columns are made right here at our factory on Long Island in a quality controlled environment.

They ship flat, assembly required. They have miter lock joints which make assembly a breeze. Simply apply pvc glue to the joints and tape them till they set. Create a U. Slide around your structural column ( 4x4, 6x6 etc ) fasten to the top and bottom. Then glue in the fourth and final side. They apply base and capital trim kits.

We strongly recommend having an experienced professional carpenter / contractor install them.    

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