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Versatex Flat Ship PVC Brackets

Verstaex Flat Ship PVC Brackets will add beautiful architectural details to your home. 

Our flat ship Cellular PVC Brackets are made using premium Versatex pvc. They are cnc cut to assemble perfectly. They will never warp, split, crack, or rot. Our PVC Brackets have the look and feel of real wood. They can be painted with approved exterior paints. 

They can either be used hallow for decoration only or you can add a 4x4 for structural support. 

Being that we can ship these Versatex pvc brackets flat it will save you money.

Perfect for a DIY homeowner or a professional Contractor looking to save time on site.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A. using American made Versatex PVC.

Contact us for a quote 631-234-1090

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